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Intruder Alarms for Commercial Applications
Burglar Alarms Solihill
Commercial intruder alarms are generally more complex than their domestic equivalents. Most insurers of commercial properties require that the alarm is:
Intruder Alarms Solihull Designed and installed by an accredited company, using components which comply with relevant regulations and standards.
Intruder Alarms Solihull Properly monitored and maintained, with a certificate of compliance.

As well as this, it can be cost effective to integrate any commercial intruder alarm system with other systems required by your insurer. Either fire detection / suppression systems (sprinklers) or a CCTV system.

By piggy backing several systems together, you can save money, on installation, maintenance and running costs. A properly monitored alarm doesn't mean paying for a security guard to sit with the property all night, as it used to.

There are a range of standardised technologies for connecting an alarm system to a remote monitoring centre. This allows you to essentially contract out the monitoring of your alarm system, ensuring that activated alarms are dealt with, and with audio/visual monitoring feed available you can have the police summoned with a clear idea of exactly what is going on.

Intruder Alarms Solihull
The reason that monitored systems are so important is that the Association of Chief Police officers have issued guidance that has been adopted by all Police forces within the UK. Repeated false alarm activations will lead to the removal of police responses to a location. This means that you need to be sure that the police are only summoned in the event of there actually being a break in.
Burglar Alarms Solihull
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What is NSI?

NSI (National Security Inspectorate) is an accreditation body that certifies security companies allowing them to install a variety of security products.

Britannic Security are approved to NSI Gold Standard, meaning that aside from the strict approval requirements, including random site visits and inspections every six months, we also have to have a proven track record of performance, reliability and stability.

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